Mother uses hospital's new NICU camera to view baby 24/7

The Mother Infant Center in WellSpan York Hospital houses the NICU, which just went live with new Angel Eye cameras on September 11, 2018. They allow parents to view their babies 24/7 through a constant live-stream. A little monitor next to the baby shows when the Angel Eye camera is live-streaming. This allows nurses to know that everything is working properly. The Angel Eye cameras are positioned over the babies in the NICU. When parents activate the camera through WellSpan's website, they can instantly see what their child is doing at any point in time. Angelina Hall comes to the NICU everyday to spend time with her baby, U'Nyzàh Jay'myah Hall. She uses the Angel Eye Camera System when she goes home at night. Once their baby is admitted into the NICU, parents can sign up for the Angel Eye camera by creating a free account on WellSpan's website. Then they are able to instantly watch their child live 24/7. When she's not watching the Angel Eye camera stream from home, Angelina Hall comes to the NICU daily. She's counting down the days until her daughter, U'Nyzàh Jay'myah Hall, is released. U'Nyzàh Jay'myah Hall was born 23 weeks early on May 1, 2018. She was one pound and around four ounces and now she's nine pounds and almost six ounces. Her mother, Angelina Hall, has been with her every step of the way.